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Sharing reports

In case you have purchased concurrent viewers (which means to avoid using the PAFnow Companion as a PAFnow Viewer for using the PAFnow Visuals), you need to activate your PAFnow Visuals or Report with a valid license.

To be able to activate your report (see 1.) or visuals (see 2.), you must be a named PAFnow Editor and need a valid License Key.

  1. You can add a license to one or more report(s) using the set licence key option in the Report Management tab. See here (Recommended). (For the older versions of PAFnow Companion 1.6 or below go here.) (In this case, the License Key will be added to all PAFnow Custom Visuals and they will be displayed to the user).

  2. You can add a license to a single PAFnow Visual in your report, here.

After you signed your PAFnow report or visual with a valid license key, you can start sharing your PAFnow analyses with your end users.