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Report License

The PAFnow Companion allows certain users to add an activation license to all PAFnow Visuals in your Power BI report(s).

For the older versions of PAFnow Companion 1.6 or below go here.

This procedure is recommended because it activates all PAFnow Visuals in a few steps instead of activating each individual PAFnow Visual in the report.


You need to create a report and choose a theme for it before adding a license.


If you change the theme of your report later, the license will be deleted. You will have to repeat all report activation steps again to allow concurrent viewers to view the report again.

The following steps are required:

  1. Open the Report Management tab.


  2. Drag-and-drop one or more Power BI reports or templates to be activated or press open pbit, pbix file(s) or folder and choose the report you want to activate. You can also select a folder with reports or templates in it by clicking on the blue colored or folder in the button.

  3. Depending on whether one or more reports are selected, a different view is displayed

    When one report is selected, the following view appears. First a list of all PAFnow Custom Visuals contained in the report is displayed and below an input window for the license key.

    Companion license key

    Once the valid license key has been entered, it can be confirmed by pressing the SET button. You can tell if a license key has been set successfully, when the input window is grayed out, you only see the last 4 characters of your license key and the SET button is now a REMOVE button. You can use this button to delete the license key.

    If you have selected multiple reports, your view will look like this.

    Companion license key serveral reports

    Here you see a list of all selected reports and below the possibility to set the license key. Place a check mark next to License key on the left. Now you can enter your license key in the input window to the right.

    You can also perform several actions at once. For example, you can set a license key for all selected reports and update all PAFnow Custom Visuals in the reports at the same time by selecting the respective actions and then clicking Apply to all.