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Welcome to the PAFnow Documentation

PAFnow enables you to take advantage of your data and improve your processes immediately. Integrated in Microsoft Power BI, PAFnow offers fast modern visuals and report pages that will help you to make your processes completely transparent and accessible.

In the learning units, you can learn everything about using the PAFnow functionalities.

  • You can either independently learn to start your business process analysis by completing all topics of the four units, if you have no experience with PAFnow yet.
  • Or, if you already know how to start your process analysis, you can look up individual topics at any time.

Please start at the beginning and follow the learning path or select a specific learning content:


20 minutes

How to get started

Let's start your process mining journey! In this unit, you will learn what PAFnow is and how to setup and install all necessary tools to get started.


50 minutes

How to model your data

For Process Mining we need data! In this unit, you will learn how to import and transform your data in order to use it for the Process Mining analysis with PAFnow.


50 minutes

How to visualize your data

Let's make your data visible! In this learning unit, you will dig deeper into the process mining analysis by visualizing your processes. For that, you will learn how to set up the PAFnow custom visuals in Power BI and which custom visuals PAFnow provides for you as well as how to use them.


60 minutes

How to create your report

Organize and spread your findings! There are many ways to structure and prepare your process analyses to get a broad picture of your processes and make them accessible to others. In this unit, you will learn which report pages PAFnow has to offer and how you can fill them with life.