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To get the PAFnow Companion, PAFnow Visuals, PAFnow Reports or other downloads visit

With version 1.4 or later of the PAFnow Companion there is an additional option to download PAFnow Visuals and PAFnow Reports.

Download in PAFnow Companion

To get to the download area in the PAFnow Companion open the application. From the start screen after being logged-in, you must click to the download icon besides your avatar picture. A new screen opens up showing a list of available downloads. It is possible to download both PAFnow Reports and PAFnow Visuals. The reports can be opened through a click on the open-up-icon directly in the Companion.


Another new feature is the management of different revisions. For example, because internal requirements require older versions of visuals to be working in the system infrasturcture as well as the latest one.

By clicking on the line of the respective Visuals or Report in the download area, a detail page opens up. For each revision there is a download icon, to download the specific version, or a trash can icon, to remove any downloaded file, as well as a link to the release notes, available.


Download location

Currently the download location is in the roaming folder for the PAFnow Companion: %USER NAME%>AppData>Roaming>pafnow-companion>download