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Compliance Analysis

In addition to looking at individual process steps, you can also look at a process step sequence. This helps you to find anomalies or compliance violations in your process. For example, you can see if steps were executed in the correct order or which user (employee, robot, or system) performed a step.


  • On the upper part of the page, you can see the PAFnow Event Filter. The Event FIlter helps you to find out if deviations or compliance problems appear in your process, by analyzing the order of process steps in your process sequence.
  • In the lower section of the page, you can see the PAFnow Case Viewer. The Case Viewer is a PAFnow Custom Visual that provides an overview of process step sequences in individual cases.
  • On the right side, there is a navigation bar (similar to the other pages) including different visual filter and selection elements.

Case Viewer

The central component of the Compliance Analysis Page is the PAFnow Case Viewer.

The Case Viewer shows the process step sequence of individual cases. You can color individual steps based on selected attributes to quickly find anomalies.


For example, you can highlight all process steps that have already been performed automatically by the system or those that are most costly. There are no restrictions on the selection of attributes.

In the example below, we highlighted based on the user that performed a process step. This reveals that one user carried out four sequential process steps:

More detailed information about the Case Viewer can be found in the PAFnow Case Viewer documentation

Event Filter

The PAFnow Event Filter can be used to filter cases that follow a certain process sequence.


In the example we only display cases where the activity Approve PO Level 1 is directly followed by the activity Post Invoice.

With the navigation bar, you can control the process flow to receive more targeted evaluations.

It consists of the same components that can be found on the Discovery Page and Difference Analysis Page: